Friday, October 27, 2017

Week in Seven Words #367

R-rated rap lyrics muttered by a sensitive boy who wants to sound tougher.

The shop displays candies in cartoon colors and chocolates in silver foil. Popcorn erupts in a buttery river from bright red tubs.

What people find acceptable can change quickly. Many seem unfazed by governing practices, speech, and behavior they would have condemned in the recent past. Others begin to criticize things that they've let slide before.

She doesn't know which soup to buy. She wanders up and down the aisle, her fingers tracing the cans and cartons. From the way her hands shake, her difficulty must run deeper than soup.

In the elevator, he tells me that he knows double-digit numbers. He points to 10 and 11 and names them proudly. "But what happened to 13?" I ask. He pauses, staring at the unaccountable gap between 12 and 14. Then he laughs. "They DEMOLISHED it!" he shouts. "Hahahahaha!"

The sign advertises mulled wine and apple cider donuts. The words alone - and the colors and curves of the letters - flood my mouth with their flavors.

His Facebook feed is full of people he dislikes. As long as they're angry, he's satisfied.


Brian Joseph said...

"Normalcy" is such a relevant issue in 2017. I still have hopes that we will get back to real normalcy at some point.

I never hear of the word "cariogenic" before. Too bad that such delicious things this as well as other negative health issues.

HKatz said...

The thing is, even the "normalcy" from before had so much dysfunction.

Thankfully my main weakness for candies is plain dark chocolate, which also isn't great to eat in enormous quantities, but it's not the most terrible of the sweets.

The Bookworm said...

Very true about "normalcy" and "standards" as well. I don't check my Facebook as much these days, some people have the need to post status updates every day, several times a day. To each his own I guess.
Happy Sunday and great words as always.

HKatz said...

Not checking Facebook frequently is usually a wise thing to do :) Thanks!