Friday, July 8, 2022

Week in Seven Words #582

This covers the week of 3/14/21 - 3/20/21.

Brown, crunchy, bristling paths, a clear view of buildings through bare trees.

Her relaxation: Diet Dr Pepper, feet on ottoman, British period drama.

His desk: cigarette burns, a ball made out of rubber bands, a lamp with an oversized bulb that gets too hot too quickly.

Sometimes it feels like we're on the deck of the Titanic, the music playing as the water rises.

Wiser in some ways, more bewildered in others.

The water has been drained from the basin, and a girl slides inside to explore the mud-encrusted bottom. Her dog barks frantically from a nearby bench. It's restrained and can't keep her in sight. It can't protect her from whatever awaits her in the mud and the smashed leaves.

Tense muscles seem to break apart slightly in the steam.