Monday, October 30, 2017

Week in Seven Words #368

She's catering the party. The doughy, salty, sweet dishes are spread across the counter.

The park has been carved out of a rocky hill. You think you're heading north, but really, you're climbing to a lookout point. It's a beautiful detour. You head back down, and again attempt to make your way north. Now you're in a garden. Could these stairs take you out of the park? No, you wind up at another lookout point. Best make yourself comfortable. Here's a bench.

He has turned a part of the basement into a sanctuary for snakes. They live in drawers and pails. Many of them are stuffed animals, and the rest are plastic, but he takes the trouble to feed them and set up a program for breeding them.

There's this frustrating thing that happens in conversations. People hear the name of a person or thing they don't like, and their brain blows a fuse. From thoughtful, complete sentences, they go to slogans and taunting names. They begin to raise their voice, and the intelligence leaves their eyes.

As she sleeps, expressions drift across her face - a wrinkle of fussiness, the glow of a passing smile.

With his face mashed into a couch cushion he says, "Why am I watching this garbage when there's other garbage on?"

They have trim beards and pleasant smiles, colorful graphs on PowerPoint slides. And they make economics sound so straightforward.


Brian Joseph said...

There is so much "shorting" going on these days. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid.

The part that you described in "redirect" sounds like a great place to visit.

Barbara Fisher said...

Chow isn’t a word you hear often in the UK, and yet our grandson has used it twice in the last couple of days. He joined the army three months ago, and apparently, they chow down at about 6 pm. While pondering over his use of that phrase I happened upon your blog only to find mention of it here. I wonder if it’s going to become a new buzzword – whatever that might mean. :-)

HKatz said...

@ Brian - I'm limiting conversations with people who often do this.

@ Barbara - interesting, where this word gets used. I don't hear it often here either :)