Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week in Seven Words #59

One afternoon I get an email. I read it with a slow smile that I feel in my chest. Over the next couple of days I think of that email as a badge pinned to me, that only I can see for now.

She's a pink zig-zagging imp with a head of flaxen curls.

Language has logic, to an extent. To what extent, we wonder, staring at the spreadsheet in silence.

The photos show things that have always seemed solid and sturdy, like houses, floating or flattened with everyone and everything in them.

Rundown porches are veiled in pink blossoms.

From layers of fresh mulch and fertilizer, daffodils start to test the air in small isolated clumps.

A candle burns next to the photos of five people who were murdered in their beds; one of them was an infant, her eyes in the photo scrunched up in sleep.


Claire said...

I hope to hear more about the badge! I hope wonderful things are happening for you. You are such a talented writer and I love being able to have insight into your life.

I especially liked "Mantilla" your description made a wonderful image.

Happy Spring!

Lucy said...

Chiaroscuro, dark with light.

Relyn said...

Mantilla and pungent perfectly evoke spring. It leaves me feeling giddy and light. Immediately I plunge down the roller-coaster of your words as I can see that baby's tender face.

naida said...

Now I'm wondering about the badge.
Snuffed is so sad.

John Hayes said...

Lucy's comment is perfect--"snuffed" is certainly dark, while "frizzy" is light. In the context of "snuffed," some of the other entries seem more ambiguous, such as "mantilla" & "pungent," & especially "magnitude." I join others in saying "badge" made me happy!

HKatz said...

Thank you all for commenting and sharing your thoughts (and kind remarks; I'm happy that you're happy for me)