Sunday, March 20, 2011

Performance artists

In New York:


and old York:


The one from New York (I'll call her the Blanched Ballerina) was posing in Central Park. The one from England (Purple Pedaler?) was in The Shambles.

It seems like both photos captured them mid-motion, but neither one was moving, just being as still as possible and drawing people towards them with their novel presence.


Claire said...

Ha! Those folks are great. When I lived in Victoria, Canada there was a man who did the whole statue thing, he was so wonderful at it.

Happy Spring!

John Hayes said...

Amazing pix. That's how musician Amanda Palmer got her start.

Anonymous said...

Strange the sense of implicit movement in these still photos!

Relyn said...

These are absolutely wonderful. And I adore street art. Adore it. I love the way you've captured the people enjoying the art in the old York image.

naida said...

Lovely. Especially the ballerina.