Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week in Seven Words #60

It's not uncommon for them to arrive at the correct answer through incorrect reasoning. And some of them say as little as possible, wisely concealing their ignorance.

It can be good to sit at the end of a table, with one or two people around you to talk to. It's less noisy, with less competition over who will speak next. There's also no need to go along with the main topics of conversation.

I speak quickly, my voice tugged out of me by the hands of the clock.

Small blue cellophane bags full of goodies - hamentaschen, peppermint patties, apples, oranges, chocolates in foil - sprinkled among people I know.

Just one tip of the tri-cornered hamentaschen dipped in a cup of almond milk.

There's a bowl of candy at the center of the table. I like how, shortly after one person reaches for a piece, a few others follow suit and take candy as well. That first person seems to give them permission, to show them that it's acceptable to take seconds or even thirds.

Listening to the words of the text I want to know more, to understand the language, the people, the deeper meaning.