Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Different shades of the sea

Seen around Portland, Maine...

When sitting on a bench along the Eastern Promenade:


From a walk along Willard Beach:


On a boat coasting among the islands of the Casco Bay:


And from the Western Promenade, the first day of the visit, when everything was a melting misty gray:



John Hayes said...

Beautiful shots--the sea really does have so many shades & colors!

HKatz said...

Thanks! That was the one of the things I loved best about this trip to Maine - what color I'd find the ocean at any given moment.

naida said...

so beautiful, I really like that last shot.

HKatz said...

Thanks; that last one was on such a peaceful evening, right after it rained.

Relyn said...

There is nothing like the sea. Nothing at all. I just returned home from Oregon and my heart is longing to return to the coast. To a place of blues and greens and grays.

HKatz said...

To a place of blues and greens and grays.

Oh yes, I love those kinds of places. Calm, contemplation, contentment deep down.