Sunday, May 12, 2019

Week in Seven Words #461

They give me a beautifully crafted card. It opens like a red flower with many delicate petals.

Two teenaged boys take turns stepping on the head of a rake, to make it fly up at them. They want to see if they can stop it from hitting their face at the last moment.

The ice breaker activity he proposes: after stating your name, demonstrate your favorite stretch or warm-up exercise. Someone else has already done jumping jacks, so I go with toe touches.

I've been visiting their house for years and only now discover that they have an attic.

I study the table in appreciation before the food gets demolished. There are green glistening vegetables, a mound of mashed yam, two small bowls of gleaming cranberry sauce, trays of beef, turkey, and chicken... a feast.

The crackle of leaves. The scrape of the rake. The hiss of leaves compacted in trash bags.

A rough edge of anxiousness and resentment, a perception of favoritism, mars an otherwise fun board game.