Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Van Cortlandt Park and a Laura Mvula song

This past Sunday, I went on a hike through Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. The hike leader also gave a talk on the role the park plays in the city's water supply, and the challenges of supplying water to a city of millions.

This is a memorial on Katonah Avenue, right outside the northeast corner of the park, for tunnel workers who lost their lives building Tunnel #3, a major piece of city water infrastructure.


Some photos from the hike:




Also, because it's summer - and Laura Mvula's "Green Garden" (and its music video) is full of what I like best about summer - I'm sharing it here.


Brian Joseph said...

It looks like you had nice hike. I have never been to Van Cortlandt Park. Seems like an interesting place.

I have also been walking a lot over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I have gotten myself a moderately bad case of Poison Ivy ;(

HKatz said...

Sorry about the poison ivy; I hope it clears up soon.

This is only my second walk in Van Cortlandt Park; there are parts that definitely feel like woods away from the city. (But also there are intersecting roads and golf courses, so the illusion gets shattered a bit.) Knowing more about the park (thanks to the hike leader) made the walk even more interesting.