Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week in Seven Words #301

Trying to figure out how to play with her collection of Shopkins, we come up with a game. I'll pretend I can take only one Shopkins figurine with me on a vacation. One by one, she'll pretend to be the figurines pleading their case. She'll have each one present reasons for why it's the best choice and will address my questions and concerns. ("As ice cream, I'll keep you cool and give you something to eat if all the restaurants serve gross food.") She comes up with creative, funny ideas and also makes some of the figurines self-sabotaging.

Late afternoon shadows make the woods even more inviting. I'm tempted to stay until night, when I'd have a much harder time finding my way out.

More lungfuls of clean air to take with me to the city.

The tree seeks itself in the leaf-choked stream.

During the hike, I hear a faint roar. It's sports commentary, seeping from his headphones.

Suddenly, we're at the lake. Silky water ringed with colorful trees. It's a view that breaches the hardened places in my mind.

After the hours she spends finding and implementing a solution for their Internet outage, they largely ignore her.