Friday, April 22, 2016

Week in Seven Words #286

Mornings are delightful when I get a lot of things done. When I don't, the whole day seems to slow down. Futility and fear creep in with the lengthening shadows.

When he walks by, he hisses at us through his smile. I don't shrink away, but feel a rising strength, like I could strike back viciously if I needed to. I look over my shoulder to make sure he hasn't turned around and started following us. He's looking back over his shoulder too. Nothing happens. But we were purely animals, at that moment.

The summer dresses on the rack look more like banners in blue, orange, and purple, meant to wave from the front windows of a house.

The thunder sounds like it's emerging from the ground.

Asked what an ideal vacation would look like, I imagine lots of hiking, train rides, and English country cottages with gardens in bloom.

I'd forgotten how funny these magazine quizzes can be, where stating your preference for a forest or a beach helps unlock the secrets of your personality.

In what most people would use as a jewelry box, she keeps a collection of erasers. Some shaped like cupcakes, others like flowers and friendly robots. Also a few without any design, just the standard small pink block.


Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Hila,

My two favourite words this time were 'commencing' and 'festively'.

I am not much of a fashionista, however I do like it when spring comes around and the stores put out their most colourful displays, ready for summer. It definitely lifts the spirits.

My favourite time of the day is early morning, when I have quiet time to check out a few blogs, tweak a few posts which were written in haste the night before and then read a few pages of my current book. My breakfast and a nice mug of hot coffee are my only companions, as hubbie remains tucked up in bed. If I get up late and have to rush my routine, that puts me out for the whole day, as I am very much a person who clock watches and has to be doing certain chores at a pre-defined time .... OCD? I know :)

Thanks for sharing your clever take on ordinary words.


Brian Joseph said...

Your thoughts on "Commencing" is something that I can relate to. When my mornings are unproductive and I have a lot to to I seemed so bogged down all day.

As for 'selfdom", I must sheepishly confess that I really like those quizzes.

HKatz said...

@ Yvonne - Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think those quiet times in the morning are necessary, just having time for yourself and doing things that are important/enjoyable to you.

@ Brian - no need to be sheepish :) They're fun quizzes. And some of them are also funny.