Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Seven Photos of Spring in Central Park

The Lake:


The Conservatory Garden:


A duck in the Harlem Meer:


The Harlem Meer:


The Pool:


The Reservoir:


A tree that looks like a Dr. Seuss illustration:



Brian Joseph said...

Great photos Hila.

I know the park fairly well and your pictures are making me want to go visit it soon.

HKatz said...

Thanks. The park was especially beautiful that day, after a stretch of cold weather.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Hila,

Whilst I have never visited New York, other family members have travelled across from the UK and said how beautiful Central Park was.

I especially liked the picture of The Conservatory Garden, as I love tulips at this time of year.

Also, the emblem of the hospice charity I volunteer for, is a pink tulip, so this was a great post all round for me :)

Thanks for sharing memories of your trip.


HKatz said...

It's wonderful that you volunteer with a hospice charity.

And yeah, the tulips were a beautiful surprise, especially because this spring has been a little uneven. Warm weather alternating with sudden sharp drops to wintry temperature that killed or stalled flower growth.