Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week in Seven Words #260

He admits to getting most of his news from The Daily Show as a way to relieve anxiety about the awfulness of current events. When the news is delivered in humorous form, he's better able to accept it.

In the subway station, a toddler is shrieking. She's stuck in one of the vertical turnstiles. The bars pin her into a small dark space. They shiver when she pushes against them, but they don't swing around to let her out.

There are signs of life on the stairwell - cigarette butts, a candy wrapper, a bookmark with a black kitten.

A wine-colored taffeta gown swaying at the ankles.

Anxiety often stifles creativity, but sometimes it's a source of new ideas - a solution I hadn't thought of before, a twist to a plot that hadn't occurred to me until the problem began to eat its way through my mind.

The eye of the media is on them, and with it comes the windy noise of commentary. It will pass soon.

Instead of trains, he pushes trucks onto the tracks; dump trucks linked to cement mixers that are hooked up to tractor-trailers.