Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week in Seven Words #250

They prefer being spoken to sincerely, not smothered in pats and hugs and baby talk - a tone-deaf sort of love.

He's wearing a seatbelt, driving at speed limit, and taking his eyes off the road to check sports news on his mobile device.

He murders an otherwise good presentation with jokes about mental illness. The laughter that ripples through the room is faint and disbelieving.

His parents are too polite to discuss the issue publicly, but he's overheard them hash it out at home. He doesn't understand everything they say, but he knows enough to know they'd be embarrassed. He knows how to make the next family get-together more entertaining.

She's brought paper shopping bags full of winter clothes and toiletries to an elegant restaurant. The waiters pretend not to see any of it poking out from under the tablecloth.

His small feet thrumming on the back of my car seat.

To what extent would my life have been different had I grown up next door to him? I consider this as we sit on opposite benches and pick at our salads. He might have been an advisor or advocate. Or maybe still too much removed from what was going on. I might not have listened anyway.


Brian Joseph said...

I love the little blurb under inconsistent. At least he might be less seriously injured if he crashes!

HKatz said...

Or not injured at all, one hopes. But yeah, I wish he wouldn't do that.

The Bookworm said...

I really liked jarring and what-ifs. Sometimes, you think of what ifs, but things might have worked out the same way either way.
Happy weekend!

Jay Carr said...

Tough to pick a winner this week, but since "inconsistent" was already mentioned by someone else, I'll go with tickling (for its sweetness). :-)

I always try to picture situations that led to your choosing the words too, which can be a fun game in and of itself. :-)

HKatz said...

@ Naida - Yeah, what-ifs can be interesting to consider. But they can also remove you too much from the present and what needs to be dealt with now.

@ Jay - thanks! I'm glad you enjoy that game :) And tickling did have a lot of sweetness to it.

Relyn Lawson said...

I am dying, dying to know the whole story behind projectiles.

HKatz said...

@ Relyn - I can't tell it here, but I understand your curiosity :)