Monday, March 16, 2015

Week in Seven Words #249

Even when discussing happier memories, her eyes have a wounded look. Much of what she's seen, she can't explain and doesn't want to think about.

Pouring tea is her escape from uncomfortable conversation.

The cobwebbed elegance of the small café. Bats soar among ruby-red plants. A prim little cheesecake bathes in golden light.

land mine
It's startling when during a conversation with a mild-mannered person you stumble on the one topic that brings a savage light to their eyes.

Confounded by 'which' - is it 'which' or 'wich'?

A slow swirl of his spoon in the coffee, the way planets revolve around the sun.

He screams at the supermarket cashier because the store closed two minutes ago, and now he can't get his groceries. He hollers into the night. The cashier could be a parent, a boss, a lover who's just walked out on him. He stalks away, after promising a harsh review on Yelp.


Brian Joseph said...

I have of course, heard "Land Mine" used in this context as a figure of speech.

I cannot recall if I ever used it as such but I am thinking that it might be better and less awkward then some other expressions, such as "trigger words" or "Things that push buttons" that I do use.

HKatz said...

I think of trigger as something deliberate (it doesn't have to be - but generally, pulling a trigger is deliberate). Whereas a land mine, you really can have no clue it's there.

Relyn Lawson said...

You have such a way with words. I can just see the prim little cheesecake.

HKatz said...

Thanks, Relyn :)