Friday, April 25, 2014

Week in Seven Words #212 & 213


A young tree strait-jacketed by ice.

In black and white film: the grace of a ballerina and the grip of polio.

A snow drift has swallowed up another small business.

Sinking a fork into a marble chocolate cheesecake.

It's scary when you realize how much other people have staked their happiness on you, convincing you along the way that you're responsible for their moods.

This is the dynamic at the table: there are those who can do no wrong, those who can do nothing right, and those who are judged right or wrong without consistency, based on how their hair looks at a given moment or on what shirt they picked out to wear.

Sometimes at a restaurant the best moment is when the food just arrives. It looks delicious. At that moment, you think there can be nothing wrong with it.


Smoke from a manhole obscures the window of an antique store.

The mannequins are slender and brittle. Some of them blink at you with huge girlish eyes.

His goal is to make something careless and ugly, call it art, and then watch in satisfaction as others fall over themselves to defend it.

Briny delicacies and bruised fruit at a gourmet supermarket.

Billie Holiday's voice coming at us from a first-floor window. Inside, a man stubs his cigarette slowly on a dolphin-shaped ashtray.

At the back of the bus, a man tells his friend about a woman he's slept with. She's shown up repeatedly in his dreams, hounding him. A curse of some kind, he suspects. He tried to consult a book on curses, but as he did so, the phone rang, and it was her. Clearly, she was interfering with his attempt to free himself.

Rats crossing the subway tracks in a furry slither.