Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week in Seven Words #166

The kids in his class keep an eye on each other's reading levels, indicated by colors assigned by the teacher. The information isn't advertised, but they all know anyway from sneaking peeks into each other's notebooks and folders; the competitiveness is fierce, even at this young age. Instead of asking him where he stands in relation to the other kids, I tell him to focus on his own progress. And he really has improved. He's less prone to skipping over words he doesn't know or mumbling them quietly. Instead, he stops, tries to pronounce them (out loud or to himself), and asks if he doesn't know. He's starting to dip into simple chapter books. Does the competitiveness help? If it gets students to read more and maybe enjoy reading too, does it matter?

In the game of monkey in the middle, it seems there are two monkeys, and neither is in the middle.

On a lazy holiday afternoon, I'm reading in the sunshine.

Discovering delicate purple crocuses among the daffodils.

Food is coming out of my pores, I'm so full.

He spins the globe as a self-soothing mechanism. The sound of the world rattling around and around calms him.

She's memorized the book so she can read it to me even without knowing all the words. Then she can focus more on the acting: belting out dialogue in different voices or speaking in a stage whisper.


Naida said...

I like the feeling of stuffed, it makes for a nice nap right after a good meal.
Some competitiveness is good I think, but it's also important for them to focus on their own work and progress as well, and not compare themselves to others. In the end, if they are reading and enjoying it, mission accomplished :)

HKatz said...

Feeling stuffed makes me want to take a long walk rather than go for a nap :)

Anonymous said...

I'll choose terrene as my favorite. I have a globe in my office at work. It occasionally mesmerizes visitors and lures us into interesting conversation.

Relyn Lawson said...

Terrene made me thing of a scene I think you would appreciate. I took my class into a friend's room to be their audience for reader's theater. They were performing The Paperbag Princess. When they got to the part where the dragon flies around the world five times, the kid in the dragon mask ran around and around a globe on the floor. It was PERFECT!