Friday, April 19, 2013

Taking a break from watching the Boston coverage

My main sources of information about the Boston Marathon bombings over the past few days have been and, but I realized today that I have to give those a break, after seeing essentially the same message ("suspect remains at large") repeated several times over the course of the day with different wordings ("manhunt underway," "suspect on the loose," etc.) to give the impression that there are new developments.

This is a nightmarish situation, but for people who aren't currently in the thick of it, let's step back. People who ought to know better are pouncing on every bit of new information and running with it, regardless of whether it's confirmed or not. Same goes for trying to come up with a narrative, right this moment, to explain the attackers' motives, when they were just identified yesterday and we still don't know everything about them and how they got to the point in their lives where they thought it would be an awesome idea to kill and maim random people. I hope the surviving one is captured soon. But please let's deal with this patiently. I understand the urge to speculate, but doing so publicly, while re-tweeting rumors and fake photos and delivering broadcasts based on information from unofficial sources, is irresponsible.

Not that I think this post will have an effect on that. Just wanted to vent a little.


Yvonne@fiction-books said...


We have just woken (it has just turned 6am here in the UK), to the news that the second suspect has now been captured alive, which is fantastic news.

We were amazed that the Boston authorities managed to 'lock down' an entire City. We live quite close to a City roughly the size of Boston and just can't envisage that secanrio ever happening here!

It does make us laugh though, that wherever in the world an awful event such as this occurs, the press and television manage to wheel out so many armchair experts and critics, who all think that they have the magic answer and solution to the problem, when it has clearly been many years since they were actively involved in any such event.

Our own press are constantly under scrutiny for the way in which they handle news stories and the lengths to which they will go to get that story. However the government will always stop short of legislating for press conformity and regulation, so I guess, that in this age of social media, things will only get worse!

It is good to air your feelings once in a while, now have a good weekend,


Naida said...

That's one of the downsides of social media, people just rush to post pictures and information that is not confirmed or even real.

I've been staying away from Facebook updates, but I did watch Anderson Cooper last night and found it interesting that a close friend of the two bombers said he never found anything amiss with these brothers. They seemed like everyday normal kids.
Which is what I think is the most terrifying thing of it all, that seemingly normal people can have these sick ideas and act out such horrific events.

What happened is horrible, and getting inside the minds of these killers won't make any of it less painful or scary. I truly don't want the media to politicize this. No matter age, race, or religion, two people decided it would be a good idea to murder and hurt as many as they could. These brothers were young, the youngest was just 19. He reminds me of the one who shot all those kids and teachers in the Sandy elementary school. We are living in a very scary world when our youths are turning into monsters. It seems nothing is safe or sacred anymore and that is truly heartbreaking.

Thanks for letting me vent too HKatz.

Relyn Lawson said...

I assiduously avoid all social media outlets after this type of thing. Too frustrating.