Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Week in Seven Words #147 & #148


It's good to be back.

I was sick for most of last week, which threw me off my regular posting/writing schedule. So I've mixed up two weeks in words into one post. A word salad, served up for you. Here you go...

A frosty night is a good tonic for vertigo.

The wind is trying to carve a new hole into my head.

There's a flirt at my synagogue who likes to sit towards the back and catch the attention of young women. He tells me I look like a movie star. I want to tell him that he looks like one too - George Burns.

For a few days I can't read without feeling strained and dizzy, mildly nauseous too. I'm so relieved when finally I can sit down and finish a chapter without needing to lie down afterwards.

No matter how hard we try to keep the dog away from the toddler, she finds a way to squirm around us and lick his face, to his terror and astonishment. "Kiss! Kiss!" he tells us afterwards, sounding aggrieved.

My body tells me that something is going to go wrong soon, but it doesn't signal the impending illness with pain or fever or anything obvious like that. Just a feeling, like spidey senses, that something isn't right...

She makes place cards for the table - little notes in colored pencil with people's names, illustrations and a few words about how she loves them.

It's not enough to root for a team. You have to love them and identify with them. The other team you have to hate and curse out. It disturbs me when I see this, especially in young children imitating rabid grown up sports fans.

I didn't think it would happen this year: all of us managing to get together under the same roof.

He leaves with his haul: two grocery bags full of VHS tapes. He's the only one among us who still watches movies on tape.

pill bug
Whether it's physical or psychic pain I'm in, my first impulse is to shut other people out.

The world is too much to take in. If I glance up or around my head spins, so I walk with my head down, looking angry maybe or preoccupied with the sidewalk.

While recovering, I entertain myself with small doses of film noir.

The walls are drifting, the ceiling twitching, and the effect would be kind of cool if I didn't think I was going to fall over.