Friday, November 23, 2012

Week in Seven Words #146

The office park is a tidy warehouse for people, with a view from each window of asphalt and bare trees.

I'm in the passenger seat a lot, watching the world coast by past the window. I can't remember the last time I was behind the wheel.

There's a meeting house feeling to the room, all of us in chairs along the white walls as people take turns sharing stories and thoughts.

Escaping from the depths on the back of Beethoven's 9th.

He doesn't understand that "1" isn't a difficult number to get when rolling a die, that you've got as much of a chance of landing on it as any of the other numbers. He insists that if he curls his fingers a certain way when he touches the die, he'll get it. Once he's made up his mind, he forgets about all the times the die doesn't land on 1 and remembers only when it does.

On Hangman she cheats, uses her best friend's nickname.

The trees catch the light in their leaves and throw it at you in a blaze.


naida said...

Underhanded made me smile and what a lovely image you've created with uplifting :)
Enjoy your weekend!

Nan said...

Your words are stories. I find myself wondering about that 'gathering' and why you don't drive. And the 'superstition' fellow - does he have a gambling problem? And that dreary 'office park.'
Just saw the fitness/smoking book on the sidebar. I read a while ago that people who smoke and exercise are healthier than those who don't smoke and don't exercise. Tom and I have a lot of theories about smoking, and one is that people overeat because they really want a cigarette. Look at all those people in earlier decades. They are trim, they ate three meals a day with rare if any snacking. They didn't exercise per se, they just did work. Some died early, yes, but it seems to me that there weren't as many cancers in those days as now. I haven't smoked in ages, but my daughter does, and I worry, but there's nothing I can do. I've considered having one occasionally as I have gotten older. :<)

HKatz said...

@ Naida - Thanks! Underhanded was pretty cute, and I was too slow on the uptake to realize what she was doing :)

@ Nan - Thanks so much (and I laughed at your remark about the 'superstitious' fellow's possible gambling problem, because the fellow in question is a kid). As for smoking, it's true that smokers who exercise and eat well are on average more healthy than smokers who don't; good diet and exercise have protective benefits even for smokers, and we talk about that in the book - if you're going to smoke, do what you can to take good care of yourself in other ways. Still it's optimal to do all the exercising and healthy eating without smoking :) As for cancer rates back in the day, I'm not sure; I suspect that with medical technology not being as advanced as it is now, many cancers might have gone undiagnosed or cause of death misidentified. But I'll have to look into that.