Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week in Seven Words #135

The awkwardness when the doctor attempts polite chit-chat during an annual check-up. How do you like the city so far? Uh, it's great. Super. Lots to do here, yep.

Among the harried people rushing from block to block there's one person sailing along half-nude on a bicycle and wearing a glittery silver wig.

Old men on a bench outside a cafe looking around at a neighborhood that's changed.

Evergreens and harbor air.

Health insurance options.

A grove of trees, a copper bell, and geese.

There are many stories to be found in the silent houses.


naida said...

I like spectral.
And lol about gynecologist. Mine does the same thing. She loves to chat during the checkup and even stops on and off while animatedly speaking! lol I've been going to her for years and it's always the same thing.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Lucy said...

Oh I hate that from gynaecologists! I just wish they wouldn't. Worse still when it's one's regular GP, and you're used to having one kind of chat and then they don't know how to cope.

This is quite a terse week! I like 'solemnity' it's poetic and mysterious.

HKatz said...

@Naida: It's their way of putting us at ease, I guess... I hope you had a good weekend too :)

@ Lucy: I'm glad you liked solemnity. It happened in a very poetic atmosphere.

Thanks for stopping by!