Friday, March 23, 2012

Week in Seven Words #111

de novo
Pockets of purple crocuses on a bare meadow. The first whisper of pink in the trees.

I don't like to think of the path as a dead-end, because it brings me to a place that's very much alive, full of sunlight on rocks and the slosh and smell of lake water.

On a warm winter day he sits bare-legged by the lake and types on his laptop.

The turtles clinging to the fallen branch look like fat brown buds.

She doesn't keep anything she draws, whether it's abstract shapes or an absent-minded lady or a generous bouquet of flowers. She signs her name on the drawings and leaves them on the table when she's done. This time she gives me one of them as a gift; the rest can be marveled over or binned.

In the azalea pond the fish swim in the reflections of trees.

In the reading room the austere portraits don't look at you; they pretend you're not there.


naida said...

Wonderful week in words. I especially like unsociable and disclose. Enjoy your weekend :)

Nan said...

Wonderful as always. How many turtles? How big? I can't imagine such a sight.

fiction-books said...

I love the sound and definition of the words 'Thaumaturgy' and 'Unsociable'

Given the glorious Summer-like weather we have been having here, in the South of the UK, our fish have all surfaced in the ponds and are reflected in the sun dappled water.

Lovely words and I hope that you had a good weekend.


Cottage Garden said...

Great words as ever HKatz. I particularly love outgrowth and unsociable.

Your stand alone pages are excellent. A 'filing cabinet' for all your ideas and writing!

Hope you are enjoying as much sunshine in NYC as we are over here.


Relyn said...

OH, I want to see the unsociable portraits. Think you can snap their pics?

John Hayes said...

These all seem to have some of the light-heartedness of early spring about them! Very much enjoyed them--the flowering turtles, the young artist, the library portraits, the pink trees!

HKatz said...

@ Naida: Thanks!

@ Nan: Thanks, and I'm glad you liked the photos I posted to answer your question :)

@ Yvonne: Yes, they're both interesting words, aren't they? I hope your week is going well.

@ Jeanne: It's good to see you around again. Thanks, and I'm glad you like the stand alone pages. They definitely help me keep track of things and I'm glad they can be useful to blog visitors too.

@ Relyn: I don't know if I'll be allowed to take photos of them but I'll check next time I'm there.

@ John: I'm definitely feeling that light-heartedness. I'm glad you enjoyed.

Thanks all for stopping by.

HKatz said...

@ John - one more thing. You write "the young artist" - she's actually an elderly resident of a nursing home :) Fully in possession of her faculties and in some ways still young at heart.