Monday, March 26, 2012

Turtles on fallen trees

In the comments for the Week in Seven Words #111, I was asked about the turtles clinging to the branch - how many and what size?

Here are a few photos. The turtles were in different groups on branches or slender tree trunks that had sunk into the lake in Central Park, NYC.




And here's another cute branch-climber I spotted:



Relyn said...

YEESH! That's on BIG squirrel. And, oh, how I love turtles. I really love the plop plop sound they make as they disappear under the water when your canoe gets too close to their tree.

naida said...

Awww...the turtles are toooo cute :) and that is a big squirrel!

Beth said...

This made my day! The top photo of the many turtles in different groups is priceless. Thanks so much for sharing these ~
Beth :-)

John Hayes said...

Wonderful shots! Turtles are such interesting creatures to watch.

Nan said...

Oh, how wonderful! And right in the midst of a huge city! I am smiling with delight. Thanks so much!

HKatz said...

I'm happy you guys enjoyed these photos :)

Nancy Cudis said...

Where did you take these? Are the turtles and squirrel near your home? If yes, I so envy you to have such a sight for sore eyes. I mean, they are beautiful! There have been a lot of bad news about hurting turtles in my place, which makes me want to hurt those who hurt these harmless timid creatures. Great post!