Saturday, February 25, 2012

"When people stop in front of my place, they bring life to me."

I like this guy. He's got a big heart.

This Is My Home from Mark on Vimeo.

After Googling him I found out he lives in the East Village in Manhattan. I plan to visit him at some point and bring some friends with me.


Nancy Cudis said...

Beautiful! I just shared it with my friends. Thank you for sharing. I wish I could visit this place but I live a continent away.

naida said...

awww...that is nice. It looks like he's got some cool stuff in there.

Relyn said...

Take pictures when you go, please. And tell us all about it.

Lucy said...

You must! Doesn't he have beautiful eyes?

HKatz said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed. I'm going to try to visit him this spring. And I agree, Lucy, that he has beautiful eyes.

Thanks for commenting!