Friday, February 24, 2012

Week in Seven Words #107

The clerks at the library have sullenness down to an art. They would rather be anywhere than here, scanning your books and DVDs, and they let you know it with every dead-eyed resentful look.

On the train he nods off beside me, clutching his backpack to his stomach. He's quiet, asleep, self-contained - a great neighbor for a train ride.

Playing soccer in the corridor, I feel like I'm in a pinball machine, trying to keep the ball from zig-zagging into doorways and slamming off the walls.

She can't yet clear the couch, not consistently, so she settles for crawling under it, flattening out and squirming around in the dust, only her hind feet showing us where she is.

A steel bowl and in it strawberries, and over those, blackberries - the kind of blackberries that will always bring to mind Galway Kinnell's poem "Blackberry Eating" where the berries are so plump, firm and juicy you don't just eat them, you squinch and splurge well on them.

He reads four books to me, making his way through them with determination. The most daunting one is Green Eggs and Ham - 60 odd pages - but once you've seen 'could' and 'would' a few dozen times you're less likely to trip up on those silent 'L's.

The city is gentle dark and damp after the rain. I'd like to think that bad things can't happen on an evening like this.


Nancy Cudis said...

I like quiescent---it's relevant; the scene is quite similar, except that in my place it almost always happen in jeepneys (we don't have trains anymore).

naida said...

About 'passive-aggressive', oh how that grates on my nerves.
And awwww about 'spelunker'.
Enjoy your weekend :)

Lucy said...

You'd think they'd be quite happy in that job really, wouldn't you? There's so much worse things one could be doing than working in warmth and peace with books and DVDs and people who want them.

Your puppy mentions squeeze my heart, and 'truce' is poignantly lovely.

Relyn said...

I love your little friend who tackles piles of books with determination. Wish he could rub off on your passive-aggressive clerks.

John Hayes said...

Couch spelunking, now that's what I call fun! Too bad about the surly librarians--what a shame.

HKatz said...

@Nancy: Jeepney is a new word to me, and I like the sound of it.

@Naida; Awww, indeed :)

@Lucy: I know, there are much much worse jobs out there. As for the puppy, yes she's cute, and I'm glad you liked truce.

@Relyn: He loves the power of reading, yes, and I wish his enthusiasm about it could rub off on more jaded people.

@John: Couch spelunking should be a new sport; it sounds like one.

Thanks for stopping by!

Elizabeth said...

Found the FOLLOW Widget. Thanks for leading me to it.


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