Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week in Seven Words #106

Of all the emotions I read in the puppy's eyes (or read into them), bewilderment is most prominent. Why doesn't she get to piddle on the floor and run around wherever she wants and chew on the DVD player? Why do her keepers alternate between belly rubs and scoldings?

Some of them yield to a lack of responsibility, the close of their life where they can be tended to and spend their time drawing, watching videos, or staring out of windows. Others bristle, even gently, against the activities suggested to them. They shrink away or turn stony when someone addresses them in a patronizing babying voice. Their body or mind might be turning on them, and there might be no one left who bothers to visit, but they aren't going to settle happily before a pile of coloring pages and play with crayons.

I don't know what he's writing about, as he sits in the subway car with a notebook propped on his knee, but his hand-writing is beautiful. I hope the words are beautiful too. I think he could make art of a grocery list with his languid looping script.

Because she can't see so well, she dictates the Valentine to me, a week before Valentine's Day. I write her words out on a red, purple and pink construction paper heart, and I wonder if the person she's writing to is real, or still alive and living at the address she remembers. She has a great memory for addresses. Her words are straightforward - "thank you for visiting me, I'm sorry I couldn't see you at the time" - and I hope this person is real and that the Valentine arrives at the right place.

An empty bandshell, the grand avenue of elms, an angel in a dead fountain. The bridge I cross shows up in sharp reflection on cloudy water.

I hope to be worthy of the risks I'm taking.

Geese and ducks struggle over crumbs from bread and muffins. Two of the ducks whirl in a circle of combat on the water, a taut coil of movement, until one of them breaks free and skips away like a stone across the surface of the lake.


naida said...

I enjoyed this week in words as usual.
awwww....about 'heartfelt'

Nancy Cudis said...

"promise" is enlightening :-)

Relyn said...

OH! I, too, have a thing for handwriting. Maybe because mine is not good - dunno. Still, I love chirography. Your words, yes, but also learning a great new word. You are my favorite vocabulary friend.

John Hayes said...

Wow, "heartfelt" is really quite an intense vision; & "chafing" is something important to bring up; my mom is in an assisted living facility--not probably the same sort of place as what you're describing, which sounds like the people may have some dementia issues--but she chafes against many of the activities & wishes she could still be living completely on her own--at 96 (as of tomorrow!)