Friday, February 10, 2012

Week in Seven Words #105

The online coding tutorial rewards you with a blue check mark on every exercise you successfully complete, and it's a good feeling to see one surface on the page, a sense of progress and mastery, even if you later realize that you have to go back to those old exercises because you've forgotten something important about the correct placement of semi-colons and the script you're trying to write isn't working anymore.

I like brainstorming on the train. The rocking motion seems to loosen things up in the mind.

The blue doors on the school are like portals in a fortress, admitting no one. I expect that at any moment a sphinx will alight on the steps and demand an answer to a riddle in exchange for entrance.

The Shakespeare Garden is quietly alive in the winter sunlight. And on a plaque I find this passage from The Winter's Tale:
The marigold, that goes to bed wi' the sun
And with him rises weeping...

The marigold flowers are nowhere in sight; only the promise of them.

Boats drifting by on the river. I don't need to know where they're going.

Ducks and seagulls are scattered across the lake. When they take wing the water hardly stirs.

Two of my favorite things are Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat.