Thursday, April 14, 2011

Week in Seven Words #62

The daffodils bob their heads in courtly greeting.

A tree on the plaza is alive with blossoms, a foamy pink haze. The next day I see a juggler and young children beneath the blossoms; the sun is bright on the petals and the white stones underfoot.

How will I get everything done?

It's very good to see them. They behave in familiar comfortable ways, and my place feels more cozy.

At the start of the meal I'm not sure what we'll talk about, but about ten minutes in we're surprised to discover that we both write. When we talk about it we sound like two people who have both vacationed to the same wonderful place and are now recounting all its delights and plotting our next trip back.

His words come out in a tumble about gifts, toys, cupcakes, volcanos.

It's a sky-blue and pink-blossom day outside, and I'm watching it through a set of thick windows.


Claire said...

Oh, I like "jotters" it's a good word and I like how you used it. Writing is such a connecting pastime, which is funny since we do it alone.

Enjoy the daffodils and blossoming trees!

Lucy said...

Buoyant sounds like a gorgeous painting, and jotters is lovely, so good to find a kindred spirit!

Relyn said...

Jotters - I know just what you mean. I LOVE it when that happens.

naida said...

I like the idea of 'jotters'. And I can relate to 'terrarium' while stuck at work ;)

patteran said...

Ours are all departing.

You won't, of course, but life must be led as if you will.

Such good times when suddenly you're in harmony.

John Hayes said...

Oh I do love rapid! & jotters also, what an interesting observation! & yes, daffodils can be quite courtly.

HKatz said...

'Jotters' made for a lovely meal :)

And I'm glad you enjoyed the buoyant blossoms and the daffodils.

I hope you're all enjoying spring. Thanks for commenting.