Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seven Incarnations of a Spinster

It looks like I'll be late again posting last week's Week in Seven Words (hopefully it'll go up tomorrow); what with lots of work and the Passover holiday starting, I've been busy.

I do have something else to share - a piece of flash fiction I wrote, Seven Incarnations of a Spinster, is published in the online journal Word Riot (I also sent along a very short bio with a link back to this blog, but I'm not sure if they received it). It's a piece I wrote last year for the writer's group I participate in.

The opening line:
I’m an evil overlord, though my campaign of villainy is coming to a close.

I hope you enjoy.


Lucy said...

That's terrific, so good to hear your voice in another key!

naida said...

I enjoyed it HKatz. You have such a great way with words.
'My victim is a harmless male with thinning hair and a tendency to fondle his Blackberry when nervous.'<-aren't they all nowadays?

HKatz said...

Thanks, I'm glad you both enjoyed :)

John Hayes said...

Loved this! I also left a comment on the Word Riot site. Very happy to see your fiction.

HKatz said...

Thanks so much, John!