Saturday, June 19, 2010

Week in Seven Words #20

Moments when I'm close to something, so close and I don't realize it, and later I know that I've turned away too soon.

On nearly every street I come across roses. They grow in cluttered gardens, among scraps of metal and plastic toys. They poke through chain-link fences. They thrust themselves up the sides of houses, twine around trellises, and peek over porch rails. Their heads sometimes bow towards the bright green grass.

The strange shape of sunburns - circling my leg exactly where my socks begin, or my arms where my sleeves end; patching around my knees and calves where I didn't apply suntan lotion evenly, or framing my left wrist where my watch has kept the skin beneath it pale. My skin is sore in triangles, trapezoids, and ellipses.

In the daytime there's an elegance to it, perched on a rocky ledge above the rush and murmur of the bay.

Quiet streets overlooking the ocean, where boats are peacefully scattered. The air smells like salt water, flowers and mown grass. The houses are large and silent, multi-layered with wide windows, balconies, porches with white wicker chairs.

When I approach the sea I try to guess what color I'll find it. A misty melting gray in the fog, or fracturing the sunlight on a clear bright day. A hard gemstone blue, or light blue with dark folds and white foam.

At the peak of the old maritime signal tower, with a view of rooftops, sea craft, and water all around, I sit next to a soft-spoken guitar player. There's sunshine, music, and from time to time the clomp of people climbing the winding wooden steps.


John Hayes said...

Great verbal snapshots from the shore, & it sounds really appealing (sunburn aside!) Seawater is remarkable even by your high standards--you really make the ocean come alive there.

Cottage Garden said...

So very inspiring to read your 'Week in Seven Words' Hkatz. Geometry is wonderful - your use of language is sublime.


Relyn said...

Oh, your blog redo looks wonderful. I forgot to tell you that. Now, I'll go back and read your post.

Relyn said...

This week makes me long to sit by the ocean. To breathe her smells, to watch her lovers, to fly kites in the winds that caress her.

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh lovely, specially the colours of the sea and the smells of the promenade

HKatz said...

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your comments and kind words.

you really make the ocean come alive there.
Thank you; after spending so much time around it, I felt the sea was starting to inhabit my head.

Geometry is wonderful
It's important to find the fun in sunburns too :)

To breathe her smells, to watch her lovers, to fly kites in the winds that caress her.
Now you're giving me a longing to go back there :) (also, I'm glad you like the new blog look)

specially the colours of the sea and the smells of the promenade
Taking long walks with the ocean in sight is blissful.

naida said...

very nice, I especially like almost and tranquil. you have a way with words!

HKatz said...

Thank you, naida (and one of the things I like about these is that they help trigger the memory - so I'm thinking now about those tranquil minutes up there...)