Friday, June 18, 2010

A bit of Boston

This week I took a few vacation days and headed to Portland, Maine (more on that planned for future posts).

I passed through Boston on the way back home and had enough time to walk around a little; these are some photos I took along the way between North Station and South Station.

Temple Street - a narrow, quiet lane, with lovely flowers and no traffic:


And at the southern end of the street, the State Capitol House:


Let's zoom out and make it more imposing:


(Though it can't be too imposing with a "Let's Go Celtics" banner.)

Nearby businesses with political themes:


and a bar honoring the amendment that made its legal existence possible:


A group of students on a historical tour, with their guide in historical get-up. Can history ever successfully compete with cold sweet desserts?


I rest here for a while. Boston Commons is a great place to crash and relax.


Or flirt beneath a fountain's cool spray.


The enchantment continues in South Station:


Where there's an unexpected string quartet performance, right in the train station; Mozart accompanied by boarding announcements:



John Hayes said...

What serene pictures! I especially love the shot of the Commons with the upturned umbrella & the train station string quartet!

naida said...

I love the bew blog look!
Looks like you had a fantastic vacation, wonderful photos.

naida said...

I mean 'new blog look' lol

patteran said...

Serene pictures, indeed! And so redolent of England.

HKatz said...

What serene pictures!
Serene pictures, indeed!
That was the kind of mood I was in - I'm glad it came across in the photos, and that you all enjoyed.

And so redolent of England
I've visited England (spending most of the time in London), and I can see that.

Thanks! I picked a new ready-made template, tweaked it a little, and I'm still amazed at how easy it was.

willow said...

Wonderful photos! Boston is such a nice city.

HKatz said...

Thanks; and I agree, Boston is a lovely city.

Relyn said...

Some day.... some day we will visit Boston. I long to. Maybe when Sloane is older and can enjoy the history a bit more.

HKatz said...

Maybe when Sloane is older and can enjoy the history a bit more.

Regarding kid-friendly tours and activities, my impression is that there are a bunch, but I'm not sure; what I remember most clearly from previous times I was there is that the science museum has a lot of hands-on exhibits that kids (and adults who are kids at heart) love :) But maybe you would need to be older to appreciate something like the Freedom Trail walk (or need to have learned more of the history at school first).

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Thanks for taking me on a tour of Boston. This is as close as I have been to the lovely city!

And thanks for stopping by My Front Porch...and introducing yourself!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a lovely mini-tour of the city!

HKatz said...

@Judy and Crafty Green Poet
I'm glad you enjoyed the tour! Thanks for stopping by.