Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Shades of Regalness

Contrasting the fountain in City Hall Park, NYC as I encountered it August '08 and December '09.

I like rediscovering places in different seasons; how the place will feel very different from what it was when you were last there, but there's a sense of familiarity too, however faint. You can think, what are the most significant changes? And what are those elements that are most important in preserving the familiarity? In both seasons the fountain's lanterns burn; the effect is also different, depending on the season.

About this fountain, I think it's a delight (the whole park is, but the fountain is the gem embedded in the heart of the park; from the gates onwards you're drawn to it). I like how in both seasons it looks so regal, but in different ways.

A more playful, proud and confident regalness in summer. Shimmering and golden, taking delight in itself:

And then in winter a certain regal warmth and restraint, a kind of dignified dowager queen:


naida said...

great pictures! I like how you describe it as 'a kind of dignified dowager queen' in winter.

HKatz said...

Thanks! That's my tendency to anthropomorphize :)

John Hayes said...

Wonderful photos, & I agree with naida about the "dowager" line.