Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Over at the bookworm blog I was tagged into participating in this likes/dislikes list; so, rarely one to turn down an opportunity to procrastinate on my work, I cut and pasted it from her blog and filled in my own answers after each like and dislike (if there was a line for something I both like and dislike it would be procrastination).

I like genuine happy laughter.
I like holiday meals, especially dinners that last late into the evening.
I like understanding people and why they do what they do, say what they say (think what they think).
I like walking outside right after it rains (and walking more generally).
I like water - streams, rivers, waves, droplets on a window...
I like old bookshops where the owner's cat sits in a corner staring at all the customers and old libraries where I'm too distracted to read because I'm staring happily at all the books and the architecture.
I like writing - quietly, without interruption.
I like finding a brilliant piece of music I've never encountered and thinking, "How could I have never heard this, ever?!"
I love my family.
Today was cool, pleasant, windy.
I dislike arrogance.
I dislike slander.
I dislike watching parades.
I dislike pettiness.
I dislike bureaucratic pointlessness.
I dislike shrillness.
I (secretly) like hording chocolate in a certain corner of a particular kitchen cupboard.

I have a moment's pause before posting this - for instance most if not all of the things in the like category could best be described with love of some kind, and some of the things in the dislike category I feel more strongly about than dislike... But I'm just going to go ahead and stop over-analyzing.

And because I have to enlist three more people into filling this in (it's the rules!)... I don't know, anyone who stops by and wants to do this is welcome to (just post a link to yours in the comments so I and others can go enjoy what you've written).


Crystal Calliope said...

I'm on it!

naida said...

Great answers!
I like hoarding chocolate too lol.
And walking outside after it rains is very nice :)


Becoming Human said...

I like being silly
I like phone calls
I like adventures and finding something new
I like catching a stranger's eye and sharing a smile
I like making a friend in the grocery store line up
I like hearing people's stories
I like listening and summarizing what people have said
I like having new ideas
I love acceptance
Today was an unexpected pleasure
I dislike having to talk too much
I dislike presumptions
I dislike gossip
I dislike cattiness
I dislike how lettuce wilts so quickly
I dislike inequity
I (secretly) wish to be a jazz singer

Oh my! This is the very first time I've filled in anything like this. I thought it would be difficult make so many definitive statements, but it came surprisingly easily. who knew?