Saturday, December 19, 2020

Week in Seven Words #531

This covers the week of 3/22/20 - 3/28/20.

Social media: callousness, fear mongering, and a little bit of fun.

They organize a worldwide hour of prayer. At such and such a time, say the following psalms, and know that even if you're alone in your room, others are praying with you.

Masked dog walkers in the dark. They look furtive, as if they're doing something that's only borderline legal.

They're concerned but also feel a grim satisfaction over what they see as a long overdue humbling for arrogant humans.

At night, the grocery store is mostly empty. The few shoppers are listless, moving as if a breeze is pushing them about. A Beach Boys song plays in the background ("Good Vibrations"). From under shelves of snack foods, a rat emerges in a thick blur of motion. It vanishes under a shelf of drinks. 

They've recently made their yard more drought resistant. Islands of plants in the midst of small colorful rocks. They take refuge in it now, settling on folding chairs to breathe in the crisp air.

Strangers asking me if I have enough toilet paper is something new.