Monday, October 12, 2020

Week in Seven Words #526

This covers the week of 2/16/20 - 2/22/20.

She's productive, patient, organized, and kindly, intelligent without being arrogant, a good teacher overall.

They keep cutting into each other's speech, and their voices are getting louder, so it seems at first like they're working themselves into a fight. But they're in agreement. They're vigorously, almost rabidly, agreeing with each other about a set of political beliefs. Around them, the other coffee shop customers keep their eyes fixed on phones and laptops.

In a neighborhood that's otherwise cold and dingy, the library is a warm nook.

We part ways sweetly on a dark street.

We curl up side by side for a long conversation.

A cheesy cartoon, crude jokes, and stilted conversation.

Sobs, slammed doors, the seeming hopelessness of a fight with a good friend. Chances are that half an hour from now, they'll be on speaking terms again.