Monday, July 27, 2020

Week in Seven Words #519

This covers the week of 12/29/19 - 1/4/20.

Eight candles glowing. Rivulets of colorful wax.

She doesn't stop at fixing the grammatical mistakes. She also thinks of ways to make the text more readable by improving the flow from one sentence to the next. I'm proud of her.

He worries about his work – projects canceled, certain positions trimmed. He wonders if a mass layoff is coming.

Upset but unsurprised to hear people downplaying or attempting to justify yet another violent anti-Semitic attack.

I've never tried jackfruit before, but I order jackfruit tacos, and they're delicious. I think one difficulty people have when trying vegetarian or vegan dishes is that they compare the meat substitute to meat. If you don't do that – if you just accept the dish as it is, tasty in its own way – it's much more satisfying.

One of the good things about this free dance class is that many different people have shown up to try it, including people who are self-conscious about moving too much in front of others. By the halfway point, everyone is flowing around, looking relaxed.

It isn't long into my visit when I feel a silent pressure mounting against me. I'm being pushed out the door, without an unkind word or physical force. Just a look or two, a pause, a pursed mouth, and I know not to overstay my welcome.