Thursday, October 10, 2019

Week in Seven Words #480

More schools handing out high grades based on low standards. They lull students into a complacency that's shattered by failed statewide exams.

The fierce wind blows dirt into our eyes. The dirt is loose because nothing has been planted yet. Only a few stringy weeds have claimed the soil.

We're stumbling through the steps for completing the square, as if we're in a clumsy mathematical square dance with no feel for the music. Just going through the motions.

A duck puffing and rustling with deep blue in its wings, looking like an agitated decorative pillow.

She urges me to admire the chandelier, to contemplate its intricate beauty, but it's blazing, and my eyes hurt.

People gather in the park to fish, share a blanket, feel fresh air, catch at a friendship that's slipping away.

A turtle on a rock, its head tilted up as if it's scenting the weather.