Friday, September 13, 2019

Week in Seven Words #477

He butts into her study session with sighs and dramatic comments. "How do you not KNOW this stuff already?"

I don't hear the bike as it barrels towards me on the sidewalk. I only realize after, what could have happened if I'd stepped a foot to the left.

Ineffective sorts of triage - that's what he calls the proposals to address an ever-growing wealth inequality and a middle class eroding.

He asks, "What inspires you?" "Good writing," I say, "good discussion, good books."

A husky and a squirrel run alongside each other, with only a slender fence between them.

I come across these lines from Emily Dickinson: "Not knowing when the dawn will come / I open every door."

High-end department stores create a "poverty chic" aesthetic for their window displays. The clothes look like they were fished out of a donation bin an hour ago, but they cost hundreds of dollars.