Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Week in Seven Words #440

Strong winds course across the rooftop. The plants and wooden stakes shiver.

One of the ways they bond is by sneering about politicians they both hate.

Now that she has started using emotion words, she likes to declare what she feels. ("Angry! Angry.")

He'd be a good person to work with, because he just wants to do the job well without any fuss.

The baby finds the small bag of dried mango that one of her older brothers really likes. She bites into a piece with a growl of satisfied possession. Because he's the closest in age to her, she especially enjoys claiming his stuff.

It's family pool time. One girl is stretched out on a lounge chair reading after a swim. Her dad tosses around her younger brother. The kids weave around each other in the water.

The warm, gentle surprise, when love comes to me unexpectedly.