Monday, November 19, 2018

Week in Seven Words #436

"It's a little shortcut," the hike leader says. "I think it should be ok." This is our introduction to a narrow, unused cross-country skiing trail bordered by trees covered in poison ivy that we'll eventually have to hang on to in order to haul ourselves up a long muddy slope leading back to the main path.

The delicate flowers look like they were dabbed onto the greenery by Monet's paintbrush.

I confirm that no one is buried in Grant's Tomb.

She doesn't have big expectations for her volunteer work. Just a little more light, a little more hope, in her own small way picking away at apathy and callousness.

While figuring out how to work my way into a party where I don't know anybody, I buy time by pouring a fizzy drink into a large plastic cup and slowly peeling off my jacket.

She's made so much slime on this patch of wood floor that it's become completely slippery. Even weeks later, I skid on it, startled.

High Line Park has a picture book quality. You look out on a jumble of different architecture, colorful billboards, and murals. The route resembles, in turns, a railway track, a forest path, and a city sidewalk.