Monday, July 30, 2018

Week in Seven Words #417

His comments continue to twang like out-of-tune piano keys.

She comes across a stranger's dog tied to a bike rack by the convenience store, and she instructs it to sit. When it merely stares at her, she raises her voice, to no effect. This is how the owner finds her, chiding his dog for disobedience.

His teacher copies materials from Quizlet and a couple of other online sources for the class assignments. His students know where to look and what answers to supply. What he's taught them isn't history or English literature, but the basics of Googling.

Whenever we meet, we rehash the same two or three topics. There's a comfort in that, the way playing a familiar song might put you at ease for a short while.

Shrugging apathy away like a rank old sweater that's been clinging to my shoulders.

It's unclear if her concern is genuine. Her face can flicker with lively expressions and just as soon go blank.

The chandelier in the lobby looks like a gleaming, elegant squid monster, a high-end Cthulhu presiding over the obsequious concierge staff.