Thursday, January 18, 2018

Week in Seven Words #380

I'm in Brooklyn somewhere, after a late dinner, and every subway station I go to is closed, the stairways to the tracks boarded up. I wander out to a boardwalk overlooking an ocean. I can see the moon not by looking at the sky but by looking through the dark, transparent ocean. The moon is glowing through the water. It's enormous.

The conversation deteriorates into peevish muttering. Again, no progress towards a solution or even an understanding.

In a crowded, noisy room, they find a window seat tucked behind curtains, where they press up against each other and whisper.

During the meal, he scrolls through headlines on his phone. He rarely reads the articles. Only headlines, which make him feel vindicated sometimes but angry mostly.

After the party, they fall into a couple of chairs and kick off their heels. The table is covered in used glasses and liquor bottles filled to different levels. They pour drinks and clink their glasses, which probably aren't clean, in a wordless toast to a night well-spent.

She walks barefoot to feel the rasp of the stone on her feet.

She slips an invitation under my door. It's for a dinner, a few weeks from now.


Nan said...

I have so missed your wonderful words. I am really going to put time into reading your blog and others. It has been a busy past few years. I wonder if you were scared in the dreaming one.

Brian Joseph said...

Too many of us are getting sucked into what you described for "irritants" I try to avid it myself but I am not always successful.

HKatz said...

@ Nan- thanks so much, and visit as often as you can (I understand about being busy). I wasn't scared during that dream... at first I was frustrated, then kind of amazed.

@ Brian - I know, it's difficult, even though it doesn't really do anything to improve mood or quality of life.