Sunday, December 31, 2017

Week in Seven Words #377

Revisiting the same text, I find in it something new. Better yet, I have someone to discuss it with.

There's a snow globe approach to history that preserves a golden moment. It's untainted and unchanging, this little world of pretty homes and valleys and people smiling without end. It never existed outside of the glass, but that doesn't matter to the people who admire it.

The meal is in some ways about endurance. It's about not losing my temper when faced with crassness, disrespect, and a smarminess that's tempting to smack off someone's face.

As he opens his mouth, he realizes that no one he wants to talk to is paying attention. He looks around the room once more, hoping for eye contact, before settling back in his chair and staring at his plate.

The tree leans over the path to inspect the fire hydrant hidden in the shrub.

The mistake was preventable, I was careless, and I hurt someone else too.

The soup makes for a complete meal. Each spoonful of this amazing soup is a blessing.