Monday, December 25, 2017

Dyker Heights and Its Extravagant Lights

Yesterday evening I joined a local branch of the Appalachian Mountain Club on a walk that had nothing to do with mountains, forests, or hiking trails - it took us through Dyker Heights, a neighborhood in Brooklyn known for its elaborate display of Christmas lights and general winter holiday decorations (like smiling snowmen waving from front lawns).



Some people pay thousands of dollars for professional assistance in transforming their property. One house had a Toy Land theme with carousels and another hosted a crowd scene of Christmas characters.


I liked the fat golden snowflakes on another house.


This Santa and snowman helicopter with twirling propeller was a cute one.


I also spotted Captain America on one porch, and Minions in front of another house.


On the way back to the D train in Bensonhurst, we stopped by a Nativity scene that was more a landscape with lots of activity round the manger and people going about their daily lives. Reminded me of a Bruegel painting.



Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, I find winter holiday light displays cheerful and fun to look at (also lovely if I'm walking after dark through the city). This walk was like licking frosting from a cake for a couple of hours.

To anyone celebrating Christmas, have a happy day. And to all, a wonderful new year.


Brian Joseph said...

These displays look and sound so impressive. I had never heard of this neighborhood tradition before. It is a neat idea to do a group walk in this area.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Hila,

I have to admit that I don't really like Christmas and if it was left to me, I would be quite happy working on through the two day holiday and forgetting all about it.

Now when we used to fly to Florida every December, Christmas took on a whole new life and I couldn't get enough of it. We used to drive around the various housing estates, just to see the decorations and marvel at how much time and trouble had been taken over them and Christmastime in the Orlando Disney theme parks was a sheer joy, particularly when our nieces and nephews were young.

I particularly like the nativity scene, someone has gone to so much trouble, it is almost like a model village setting and I am pleased that you were able to appreciate them, despite not celebrating the season yourself.

Please accept my Best Wishes for 2018 and I will speak with you in the New Year :)


The Bookworm said...

I love Dyker Heights. We went last year but this year we didn't have the time. Hopefully next year. I recognize the third and fourth houses here :) You know what cracked me up when we went last year, was that it was freezing out and people were buying icecream from the icecream truck I could not believe it.
Thanks for sharing the festive pictures!