Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Week in Seven Words #361

They have a quick, vicious temper. They'll unleash it without absorbing its effects; they may even forget, an hour later, just how angry they were. The absorption is left to me.

She's finished reading the Harry Potter series, but doesn't want to let it go. Potter Puppet Pal videos are among the media she's found to maintain her connection to the Wizarding World.

Teens with fruit punch hair bump shoulders as they drift through the park.

For indoor soccer, the footrest is the goal. In the middle of the game, the dog trots over and lies down in front of it to lick the floor.

"He's entitled to his own opinion!" she tells me the day after. An irrelevant comment, as I never argued about anyone's right to share an opinion. As for the content of the opinion, I can't argue about that either, without being called names or told that I don't really mean what I'm saying.

The gingerbread truffle bursts and melts on my tongue. I think with even more gratitude about the person who gave it to me.

Throughout the store, there are sniffly kids with smeary noses and slurpy coughs.