Thursday, July 6, 2017

Week in Seven Words #349

Like many kids, he doesn't like writing. If only there were a program that could instantly convert his thoughts into coherent paragraphs. Instead, he has to grind the point of his pencil into his notebook and dig up each word.

One of the most companionable kind of dinners is when you and your loved ones demolish a pizza.

When we've almost arrived at the solution to the math problem, I realize we could have done it in 27 or so fewer steps...

One sign the dog is on the mend is that she's getting yelled at again for eating toilet paper.

They spot each other at opposite ends of the room. One of them laughs, and the other flies across with arms reaching.

An insect bite of indeterminate origin. Should I worry? Half the sites say yes; the others tell me no, probably not.

They're at a bar, and the beat of the music fills the space between them, helping them delay a conversation they'd rather not have.