Friday, June 30, 2017

Week in Seven Words #347

She arrives late to the concert and trills apologies, her arms flung wide for balance, as she walks crabwise down half a row to her seat.

The chocolate rugelach they bring out isn't dry and flaky. The chocolate is seeping deliciously into the dough.

She transformed a secondary character from a stock figure to a person.

She makes a Lego version of me, a princess with glasses and a crown, and installs me in a two-story, two-room house with a rooftop observatory and the necessities - a tree, a book, a bar of gold, a hairbrush, and a cape.

In the back of the pickup truck, he keeps a stuffed animal basset hound that stands guard over his gear.

A day of feeling down ends on a bright note, as if a curtain's been brushed aside, thanks to a good dinner with some good people.

He's a few decades older than they are, so he flirts with them in a paternal way, one leg propped on the seat next to theirs, his elbow on his knee as he leans forward to explain the world to them and give them little compliments. They smile at him politely until his wife reappears.