Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week in Seven Words #344

A German couple who have just gotten married in NYC have an impromptu first dance by the lake in Central Park. A performance artist who has been playing guitar all afternoon sings "Can't Help Falling in Love," and a small crowd of passersby from the city and around the world join in as the couple slow-dances.

A square of bitter dark chocolate dissolving.

Turtles bob towards the shelf of rock where people have scattered crumbs and chunks of fruit.

A book, a bench, clean air among trees.

The statue of a sword-wielding king on horseback has been toppled. This could be taken as a sign of political upheaval, but really the monarch is undergoing restoration and will soon be righted.

He portrays her volatile behavior as normal. This is one way he copes with it and accepts it as part of his life.

It's been months since I've heard from her, and I'm both worried and relieved.


Brian Joseph said...

I love what you wrote for "undisclosed". It captures the feeling that I have had about a few people.

After read what you wrote for "felicity", I feel that I am in Central Park.

HKatz said...

Thanks, Brian. Felicity was a beautiful moment :)

Roderick Robinson said...

These days it's mostly governments that are overthrown. But a government is an abstraction and its toppling is mere theory; there's nothing to see. However for a few minutes in Iraq a worldwide TV audience came close to seeing the word made flesh when a fairly substantial statue of Saddam Hussain was pulled over by what must surely have been a tank. Of course the statue was only a symbol of government but most people there got the idea. How happy they all seemed, beating the fallen with their shoes - said to be a powerful insult in their neck of the woods.

But that was in 2003 and since then those people have had lots of time to reflect on getting rid of a symbol and solving the country's deep-seated religio-political problems. As have we all.

A materialistic point. Was it made of bronze? If so the raw material would have been quite valuable. Who profited?

HKatz said...

"Who profited?" - in general a great question to ask after any regime falls.