Saturday, June 3, 2017

Hike from GWB to Piermont, NY

Last Sunday, I went on a hike that started at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station in Upper Manhattan and ended roughly 18 miles later in the village of Piermont, NY. Most of the hike took place on the Long Path trail through the New Jersey Palisades, and some of it also cut through Tallman Mountain State Park.

The hike was challenging mostly because of some steep parts and many places where the trail was rough. The weather turned out great, sunny but not too hot.

Here are some photo highlights:







Brian Joseph said...

It looks like another great hike. 18 miles on steep terrain would also challenge me!

The pictures and views are excellent.

I also walked last weekend but I only did about 6 miles.

HKatz said...

Thanks, Brian. Not all of it was steep, just some parts because it's a path on cliffs overlooking a river. It was enjoyable and strenuous.