Friday, March 17, 2017

Week in Seven Words #336

Cold dishes, AC pouring down on us in syrupy chillness.

When I arrive, the first things I hear are "Hey! There's a large horsefly around, and it bites. See, this is where it bit me. I was bleeding. No one knows where it went. So, how are you? Why are you just standing there? Sit, relax."

On the heels of a first draft, plenty of doubt. But a healthy sort of doubt, one that invites new considerations instead of feelings of futility.

In the pool, he pretends to be a seal, and his dad is the killer whale hunting him. The other kids play a more straightforward game of tag, ducking among pool floats and getting caught and tossed around.

A response to my recent breakup: "You aren't dating someone else yet?"

He's lost a finger to DIY fireworks, but says that one of these days he'll get the hang of them.

He shares stories from camp, mostly involving counselors and camp administrators exercising poor judgment. One of these golden moments involved a man roaring in on a motorcycle to terrify the kids as a joke. (The cops didn't find it funny.)


Brian Joseph said...

I like what you wrote for "possible". Doubt can indeed be healthy in the right context.

Luckily I have not visited too many bistros where the air conditioned coldness chilled the food :)

The Bookworm said...

Interesting week in words. On "queued", others relationship statuses really interest some
Enjoy your Sunday :)

Roderick Robinson said...

The first draft: (a) Devote an equal amount of time to its revision. (b) Tell yourself not to find idiocies is certain evidence of brain fade.

Roderick Robinson said...

The prefix "dis-", as in disquiet, seems to confer literary distinction (and there's another). Disquisition is another. And disaffected. These are not words that merchant bankers use. Water them (the words, not the bankers), nourish them, wear them with pride.